Decentralized Exchange

STARZ ECONOMY has built its own multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) STARZSWAP, it will undergo a few stages as outlined below:
Stage 1: A STARZ and STAR in-app swap without an independent front end: the swap only serve users within the STARZ ecosystem .
Stage 2: A DEX with a front end: anyone can provide liquidity to STZ/BUSD & STR/BUSD pairs.
Stage 3: A DEX with a front end: anyone can create liquidity pools for other tokens (MULTI-CHAIN).
The swap within STARZ ecosystem will charge 1% trading fee. In this 1% fee:
  1. 1.
    0.1% will be used for the future development of STARZ economy.
  2. 2.
    0.6% will be held at a separate address to give back to the STARZ ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    0.3% will be rewarded to the liquidity providers.
The contract address of STARZ SWAP is:
Binance Smart Chain: Factory: 0xBFcd8aC1884a95B77514e59C0407cee9E33dB15F Router: 0x1355A5E85bDE471B9Aa418F869f936446357748B
Ethereum: Factory: coming soon Router: coming soon
Starz swap is officially released on 15th DEC 2022, the DEX address is starzswap.com