Starlex is a Web3 app in which people can make their earnings based on market predictions.
Starlex is a play-to-earn trading challenge with a long-term goal of finding the best traders. Moreover, we offer free analytics to manage user portfolios and assess trading results.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are trying to subscribe to the so-called “signal channels” or take trading courses, yet in many cases, they leave the market with losses and frustration.
Our mission is to help investors expand their portfolios and find the best traders to yield profit on user investments.
After joining Starlex, users will be able to choose from 8 different NFT classes symbolized by an Astronaut, which will later be used as a ticket to join Starlex’s daily/weekly challenges. Each NFT class has its own exclusive challenges and rules.
After purchasing your NFT, you will receive a notification regarding the start date of the challenges.
Once a challenge is started, the traders would then submit their trading orders with SL and TP points. The number of trades is dependent on the NFT card limits.
Starlex offers daily, every 3 days, and weekly trading challenges. Once the trading challenge is over, your results will automatically be shared on our tournament ranking, and depending on where you stand, your reward will be calculated and paid out from the prize pool.
Winners will be rewarded based on their ranking with our in-app currency which can either be used in our app or cashed out. Swapping your prize for BUSD and other crypto coins is also possible.